Bowel Cancer Australia - Advocate
Bowel cancer was the last thing I had expected to happen to me in my early twenties.
I had just celebrated my 21st birthday, was in my last semester of university and recently home from a European adventure.
I experienced years of painful bloating, stomach cramps and changed bowel habits.
The colonoscopy saved my life, revealing dozens of polyps and early stage cancer.
My diagnosis resulted in the loss of my entire large bowel, I had a temporary ileostomy and now live life with a J-Pouch (an internal pouch formed from the small intestine).
I am living proof that you are never too young to have bowel cancer. I have no family history, no other medical conditions but survived because I listened to my body and took action.
Bowel cancer is not an old person's disease.
If you're having symptoms, trust yourself and don't give up until you find the answer.
It could save your life.