Connect with Other Bowel Cancer Patients and Loved Ones Online 


Join Bowel Cancer Australia's online forum hosted by Healthshare to connect with people in Australia who know what you are going through.

You can ask questions about bowel cancer or start a discussion, share personal experiences, create interest groups, download information sheets, offer and receive support all on the new Australian online forum.
Bowel Cancer Australia's nurse advisers will be logging in to answer questions you may have, and will also be available from time to time for live chat sessions.
Please note: Bowel Cancer Australia is the Content Partner for the Bowel Cancer Community which is hosted on the HealthShare Platform free of charge to the charity.  You are required to register on the HealthShare Platform to access the forum which is governed by HealthShare's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Join Beating Bowel Cancer's patient forum to connect with people around the world who know what you are going through.
You can join a discussion about your personal experiences of bowel cancer, whether it be about being diagnosed with the disease, your treatment journey or how you are coping with day-to-day life all on this great UK site.
Please note: our UK charity partner, Beating Bowel Cancer, manages this online forum.