Bowel Cancer Australia - Advocate

770x450 Branded Ambassadors Hollie Fielder
At the age of 24 being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer and secondary liver cancer is definitely something you don't expect to be told.

After months of going to see doctors and being in emergency twice for horrible abdominal pain only to be sent home with the assumption it was "girl problems", thanks to my persistence I was put on a waiting list for a colonoscopy. I really had to push for it to be put as urgent as my pains were getting worse.

Hearing the words "you have cancer" hit me like a tonne of bricks and that I had had it for around 5 years is scary. But I was determined to beat it and I did with strength, determination and a positive mind.

My diagnosis was bad and I was told I had a 5% chance to be alive in 5 years. But after two major operations on my bowel and liver, and 6 months of chemotherapy, I was given the all clear.

One thing I came away with is to listen to your body. Only you know your body and if you think something is not right be persistent. Don't sit on your symptoms. Early detection is the best protection.

Being told everyday you're too young for bowel cancer made me feel isolated, like I was the only one. I urge those who read this to know that you are never too young. Bowel cancer is not just for the over 50s, it can affect anyone. I want to change the perception that bowel cancer is something that only affects older people and to help bring much needed awareness.

Remember you are never too young. Family history or not, be persistent and listen to your body. It could save your life.