Sustainable funding to expand Australia's bowel cancer research capacity 
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Bowel cancer is Australia's second deadliest cancer and it has the second highest disease burden of any cancer in Australia.
Burden of disease measures the impact of living with illness and injury or dying prematurely.
However, bowel cancer receives around 43.5 percent less research funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) compared to breast cancer (2017: $12.2 million v $22.8 million); and no government funding to support dedicated Bowel Care Nurse Specialists, compared to $52 million for Breast Care Nurse Specialists and $12.1 million for Prostate Cancer Nurse Specialists.
To help address the inequity in research funding, Bowel Cancer Australia established the Bowel Cancer Research Foundation.
One of the objectives of the Foundation is to fund research into the causes, prevention and treatment of bowel cancer to benefit us all in the future. While Bowel Cancer Australia is here today supporting, informing and caring for people affected by the disease.  
Through the Foundation, Bowel Cancer Australia has made a significant investment in the Lawrence Penn Chair of Bowel Cancer Research, dedicated to leading edge bowel cancer discoveries that will hopefully have an everlasting impact on Australia's health future.
The establishment of the Lawrence Penn Chair, in collaboration with the University of Sydney and the Kolling Institute, strengthens our collective pursuit of a bowel cancer cure.
Other major bowel cancer projects funded to date, include the ASCOLT Clinical Trial; ICHOM Colorectal Cancer Standard Set; community awareness and understanding; patient lived-experience; and demographic research; 
To date, Bowel Cancer Australia, collaboratively with funding partners, has funded $11.3 million in bowel cancer research projects.
You can make a lasting contribution to bowel cancer research through a donation or a bequest (a gift made in your Will) to Bowel Cancer Australia.  
Alternatively call the Bowel Cancer Australia Helpline on 1800 555 494.